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20’FR Containers
31,2 mt Flat Rack

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20’OT Containers
28,3 mt Open Top

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40’SR Containers
39,4 mt Super Rack

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Ocean Shipping

Why you should choose Sarjak ?

  • Availability of special equipment at ANY TIME, ANY PLACE and in ANY QUANTITY.
  • Self – owned and agent DRIVEN GLOBAL NETWORK at key ports and business regions.
  • ONLINE TRACKING SYSTEM for quick updates on your cargo.
  • Highly motivated and professional work force in various key locations.
  • Controlled costs without compromising the service quality or cargo safety.
  • One stop shop for all OOG CARGO services at your local office, relieving you from the hassles of following up with multiple overseas parties for matters related to EXPORT, IMPORT AND CROSS TRADE.


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